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Robin builds custom-made lever, double and triple strung harps (See Historical harp page for these). He has been building harps for over 12 years, and initially started building them during his university studies, in order that he would have access to a triple harp. Since these early days of experimenting Robin has continued the development of his harp making and has sold harps to customers in Australia, Germany, Japan, New Zealand, Spain, The Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

Further information about the harps that Robin builds, including instrument specifications and pictures are below and on the historical harp page. For any queries please feel free to send Robin an e-mail.

Lever Harps 


Robin's lever harp designs are generally adaptions of historically inspired harps, utilising the Gothic, Italianate and English/Welsh shaped harps. Equally too, Robin is also very happy to modify his designs to suit your tastes.

All of Robin's lever harps are fitted with camac levers as standard, featuring cross-grain spruce soundboard and a staved soundbox. Large bodied harps are made with 9 staves, and the smaller body with 5 staves. If desired, harps can be fitted with a rectangular section soundbox if perferred.  All designs can either be strung an octave light with standard gauge pedal harp strings (light tension) or with lever gauge strings (Medium tension). Robin does not recommend stringing with concert gauge strings on his instruments. 

Pictured left is a 34 string lever harp inspired by English/Welsh style triple harps. The design can either be built with a straight or curved pillar, as pictured. 

A typical 34 string harp:
Hieght: 150cm
Width: 80cm
Depth: 48cm - Large body
           38cm - Small body
Weight: 8 - 12kgs depending on wood used.
Wood choices for the neck pillar assembly and the backs of the sound box include: American Cherry, Maple/Sycamore, and Walnut. Various exotic timbers including Bubinga and Purple heart can also be considered. 

27 string (2nd Oct E - 5th Oct G)    £2,750
34 string (1st Oct A - 6th Oct C)     £3,650
37 string (1st Oct A - 6th G)           £3,950

The price includes spare strings, tuning key and a soft case made by Salopian strings.

High headed Neo-Celtic - Same prices as above

Neo CelticV2

34 string Lever harp (pictured above) made from Cherry with Folk gauge strings. 

34 string lever harp made from Purple heart with a spruce sounding board. Styled after my Italian styled triple harps. 

34 string lever harp made from Jarrah, strung one octave light to concert:

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